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  • Why can't I buy SketchTiles directly?
    As with any new product being brought to life, there are always risks and challenges to be considered. That is why we have decided to Pre-sale SketchTiles and make a product of the highest standard possible.
  • When will I receive my order?****
    We estimate to ship all SketchTiles by Christmas Global shipping and warehouse logistics are not always so straight forward, sometimes international post takes a little longer to deliver, it's just something to be kept in mind. We will do our best to keep all deliveries on schedule.
  • Why use SketchTiles when CAD is available?
    Sketching is a flowing, reflective and explorative process. While it's often seems easier to use CAD tools for design thinking, in reality it has a tendency to limit and fixate the design process based on ones CAD abilities. Therefore, CAD could never truly replace sketching as part of the creative process.
  • What writing utensils and sketching medium are supported?
    Sketching is all about creativity and exploration. Most of the common types of writing utensils and mediums are supported and would all give different results. We have found that softer pencils work best for covering a lot of ground and harder ones give more pronounced patterns. That is why we encourage you to experiment and find what works best for your style.
  • What is your returns policy?
    Valid returns must comply with specific criteria as outlined in the Terms & Conditions. Requests must be made and delivered within 14 days of the receipt of your parcel, or within the term established by the mandatory regulations applicable in the country where you reside, if this is longer.
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